Release 0.75.0

Split up of deon-language-runtime maven package

The Maven package deon-language-runtime has been split up slightly. Concretely, the runtime value checker has been moved to deon-value-check, and the functions for converting between API and syntax representations of CSL code are now located in deon-language-runtime-converters.

Some entity types for ContractOperations have been renamed

Old New
Agent.String StringAgent
Agent.Corda CordaAgent
ContractId.String StringContractId
ContractId.Corda CordaContractId

Additionally, Convertible has been renamed to ToApiValue.

fromValue has ledger specific implementations

The fromValue function has been packaged into the com.deondigital.sic.EntityFromValue interface which has two implementations:

  • restEntityFromValue
  • cordaEntityFromValue




with(restEntityFromValue) {
    with(Event) {

Symbol and QualifiedName have moved to a different package

The Kotlin types Symbol and QualifiedName and moved from com.deondigital.api to com.deondigital.core.types.

Kotlin code generated by sic uses library for providing ContractOperations

Relevant for Kotlin projects that use sic-generated code.

The decision of which ContractOperations implementation to use with sic is no longer made when invoking it (possibly via the Gradle plugin). Instead, the code that sic generates is parameterised in such a way that client code can choose one particular implementation of ContractOperations, depending on the intended target. We currently provide the RESTContractOperations (via package com.deondigital:sic-rest-operations) and CordaContractOperations (via package com.deondigital:sic-corda-operations).

Steps to migrate

  1. Instead of using the previously generated RESTContractOperations/CordaContractOperations classes, use the ones provided by one of the packages com.deondigital:sic-rest-operations or com.deondigital:sic-corda-operations. You need to add dependencies as appropriate:
dependencies {
    implementation "com.deondigital:sic-rest-operations:${deon_version}"
    // and/or:
    implementation "com.deondigital:sic-corda-operations:${deon_version}"
  1. Update the use-sites in your application code where you instantiate the code. For RESTContractOperations, go from this:
// Here, RESTContractOperations is generated and lives with the generated code.
val ops =!!)
to this:
// Here, RESTContractOperations comes from the dependency
// com.deondigital:sic-rest-operations.
// The MyContractModule() is generated in
val ops = com.deondigital.sic.RESTContractOperations(restApiClient, MyContractModule())
For CordaContractOperations it’s the same. Go from this:
val ops =
to this:
val ops com.deondigital.sic.CordaContractOperations(
             contractModule = MyContractModule()