Release 0.78.0

Deprecated contract subscription mechanism in CordaLedger and ContractHandler

There is a new unified Observable for subscribing to contract updates in CordaLedger and ContractHandler. The property is called onContractUpdated and emits on both contract instantiations, event applications and terminations. The old subscription mechanism still co-exists but is deprecated and will be removed in a future version.

Attachment ID isolation of Corda interfaces

The Corda CSL interface CordaLedger is tied to a Corda attachment ID which corresponds to a CSL declaration. Previously, CordaLedger could still query and operate over contracts instantiated from other attachment IDs, but the semantics were undefined and it led to surprising cache behaviour. CordaLedger, and the depending interfaces ContractHandler and CordaContractOperations are now completely coupled to their attachment ID, so their view of the ledger only includes contracts associated with the attachment ID.

The signatures of several methods of CSLFlows have been updated to accomodate this change. In particular, the methods now receive an AttachmentId which is passed to the default CSL flows.