Release 0.74.0

The 0.74.0 release of the Deon Digital platform contains a number of bug fixes to the runtime, ranging from a fix to the type checking in the atomic ledger API to an updated implementation of the “Actual/Actual ICMA” day count convention. A detailed list of bug fixes and new features can be seen in the Changelog.

API change: New types for calendars and time

The most notable – and breaking – change in this release is the completely revamped date/time API in CSL. The old date/time types of CSL have been replaced with new types that can represent dates properly. The design is heavily inspired by the widely adopted java.time API; the new types we’ve introduced in CSL and in the runtime behave as their java.time counterparts. This is a big improvement on the previous versions, but it also means that existing CSL contracts that work with dates or timestamps need to be migrated. Fortunately, this is not difficult, and instructions can be found in the migration guide.