Release 0.80.0

JARs contain more metadata

Until now, the version and name of a published JAR file have been encoded in the file name, using the standard Maven directory/file naming scheme. The package group id, name, and version is now also included in each JAR file’s META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file. This means that if one for example renamed deon-api-0.79.0.jar to just api.jar which might happen in, e.g., a Docker setup, the package name and version information will not be lost.

Moved clojure code into separate subpackage

When using the clojure-api library and Corda, there could be problems with signed and unsigned classes from the same packagename com.deondigital on the classpath. The consequence is that when connecting to a Corda-node using the rpc-client, Corda throws an exception when trying to load the whitelist of classes that can be used for serialization. By moving the clojure-api definitions into a subpackage clj-api, the conflict is avoided.

Added CorDapp version mapping

CorDapps have version information stored in a field in the CordappInfo class. A mapping between the CorDapp version and Deon Digital platform is maintained here here.